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DMRadio Podcast

Nov 25, 2021

Guest: Marc Vietor, Software, AG

Nov 18, 2021

In a data-driven world, insights rule the day. The big question is: How? Data Science or Data Warehousing? Python, R or SQL? Embedded or standalone? These are just some of the decisions that today's analytics leaders must answer. Check out this episode of DMRadio to hear host @eric_kavanagh interview several...

Nov 12, 2021

Blockchain technology enables a whole new paradigm for conducting and managing eCommerce. The immutability of the chain combined with smart contracts provides a bulletproof foundation for transactions, and a broad tapestry for analytics. How does it all come together? Check out this episode of DMRadio to find out!...

Nov 5, 2021

Inside-out or top-down? Those two options now dominate discussion in the data field, as analytic teams decide whether to embrace a data mesh, or a data fabric. The former is federated, focused on domains of data and a largely self-service approach; the latter leverages the traditional, centralized approach to...