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DMRadio Podcast

Jul 21, 2022

If you haven't looked into data orchestration to streamline your data analysis, listen up. Joining Eric Kavanagh in today's episode are esteemed guests here to discuss a new spin on data orchestration. "The whole world is up for grabs right now with respect to data!" notes Houseware Co-Founder Divyansh Saini, whose technology gives business users direct access to data-driven metrics in Snowflake. And when they say metrics, they're referring to the actual, live data of the business, thus (finally) empowering business people to quickly and easily cobble together meaningful views of what's really happening. Check out this episode of #DMRadio to learn more about it with Saini and two special guests: Chris Sachs, Co-Founder of Swim, whose company is reinventing the entire data supply chain, opening the door to actual real-time in ways never before seen in this industry; and Taylor McGrath, VP Data Labs at, whose company is simplifying data orchestration for business users across the board!