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DMRadio Podcast

May 28, 2021

Share and share alike! That's what our parents taught us, right? So it's high time we take that message to the world of data! And it's happening right now. Data Exchanges are really taking off, as companies share data about products, trends, transactions, you name it. Find out more in this episode of DM Radio!


May 18, 2021

Podcast Host: Eric Kavanagh

Sean Brehm, CrowdPoint Technologies
Oliver Oram, Chainvine
Mance Harmon, Hedera Hashgraph

May 18, 2021

Everything's going to the cloud, right? That's what people say! But rest assured, on-prem data centers will have a very long tail. Just how long? Only time will tell! But we see a strong future for data center technologies, and the value that they accrue. Learn from several experts on this episode of DM Radio, as host...

May 7, 2021

We all have a relationship with data these days. We either use it strategically via some analytical tool; or we create the data for others to leverage. Increasingly, we're realizing that data is not just powerful, it's personal. There are conversations about data ownership, data stewardship. And what about using data...