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DMRadio Podcast

Apr 20, 2023

It's lurking everywhere, on old servers, in the cloud, wherever business got done. Usually, it's harmless, but sometimes there's great value... or existential risk. It's Dark Data! Many executives know it's out there, but are reluctant to open what seems like a can of worms. But if curated properly, there's tremendous value awaiting. And it's a command performance if you plan to leverage AI responsibly.

Check out this episode of DM Radio to hear Host @eric_kavanagh interview veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor, along with serial innovator Andrew Ahn of PraxiData, Amit Ben of One AI, and budding data science star, Danielle Oberdier of Dikayo Data. They'll get into the weeds about how expert curation and generative AI can connect the dots within information systems.