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DMRadio Podcast

Mar 10, 2022

Information assets may not have physical weight, but that doesn't mean data has no gravity. And in the new, cloud-centric world evolving around us, many new data sets are born in the cloud, where they will likely remain, whether for analytical or transactional workloads. That said, on-prem data centers will have a very long tail. What's an organization to do?

Join us for this episode of #DMRadio to explore how cloud-borne databases are changing business. There are solutions for revolutionizing the design and deployment of analytic apps. And on the transactional side, distributed architectures are key. To get the latest insights on these topics, Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Venkat Venkataramani of Rockset. Lior Gavish of Monte Carlo, and John Kreisa of Couchbase.