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DMRadio Podcast

Nov 30, 2023

“We have literally been unable to kill this thing. No matter what we’ve thrown at it." So said Dylan O’Mahony, then of Bose. What is this thing, this unkillable database? It's CockroachDB!

Learn more by checking out this special Holiday Episode of DM Radio, as Host @eric_kavanagh interviews CEO Spener...

Nov 22, 2023

Data, data, everywhere! And AI needs a drink! In this very special episode of DM Radio, Host @eric_kavanagh interviews the inimitable Alistair Croll, the Chair for Data Universe, the US version of Big Data London. Tune in to hear how AI may well transform society in pleasant, and some unpleasant ways!

Nov 2, 2023

The business challenges get harder, the data more complex. What's an information professional to do? The new mantra is scale; the tried-and-true method remains SQL. How can these two forces combine to deliver actionable insights? The first answer is a distributed SQL engine, built to handle the depth and breadth...

Oct 19, 2023

The modern data stack is a collection of cloud-based tools and technologies used to collect, store, process, and analyze data in a scalable way. It is a departure from traditional data stacks, which were often based on on-premises infrastructure and were not as well-suited for handling large volumes of data or complex...